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VIP is a feature that grants you powerful bonuses for advancing in the game! You can view your current VIP status with the in-game button VIP or type /vip.


In order to take advantage of the bonuses for VIP, your VIP status needs to be active. You can right click on the VIPCard to activate it.

    Click on the[ here ] to see the vip commands.!

VIP Features VIP6 Player VIP4 Player Normal Player
Auto pick-up quality items ( Elite & Super )
See plus (+) items cordinate(x,y) with effect
See blessed (-3 , -5) items cordinate(x,y) without effect
Auto pick-up Meteors, DragonBalls & Can package
The gold that is dropped from monsters Auto pick-up Auto pick-up %70
Use free ExpPotion Unlimited Max 50 lvl Max 50 lvl
Use VIP Commands [Commands Page]
A slightly higher droprate and exp
Can use Automine command, it will skip ores and keep the gems