/webpage Web page link.

/facebook Facebook page link.

/discord Discord invite link.

/dc for disconnect.

/online for check how many online players.

/event join the event area.

/giveup to exit the event.

/vip check your vip type and how many days left.

/rev you can use this command if revive button disappeared.

/plvl want plvl from archers on system. Character must be below 50lvl.

/watchduel and room number, enter the 1vs1 duel for watch.

/quit exit the 1v1 arena.

/duel accept 1vs1 duel.

/quitduel leave 1vs1 duel.

/acceptbet accept the bet duel 1vs1.

/checktime  for check Cosmetics end date.

/mine (tc,pc,dc,ac,ma/mk,jm(JailMine),mm(MetZone Mine) > teleport all mine caves.

/automine  for skip ores.

/clearinv clear your inventory.

/vipcodes you can see what’s the vip commands.

/scroll (tc,pc,dc,bi,ac,ma/mk,arena,jail)

/str Number add Attribute Points to str.

(example /str 176)

/agi Number add Attribute Points to agi.

/vit Number add Attribute Points to vit.

/spi Number add Attribute Points to spi.

/passive Passive skills active/deactivated.

/clearinv clear your inventory.

/automine  for skip ores.

/vipcodes you can see what’s the vip commands.

/metbag pack 10 MeteorScrolls into 1 MetScrollBag.